About Me

Lameck is a freethinker and a believer of all beauty in humanity not living out the weaknesses. Love has eluded him for as long as he can remember. This fact he has had to put up with even before he started  dating., I mean talk of parental absenteeism.

I know he is not alone in this field and those relating to this side of reality have also had it rough in the romantic circle. His story is however  for more than the special word more to the meaning of it. Its an embodiment we live with that beyond our finesse and elegance, we all have weaknesses. It reaches a point in this search for light no one cares who lights things up but that their is light. I strongly believe all humans have the innate capacity to adore without question so why should gender be an agenda? He has gone both ways  and he has have both tears of joy and pain to share with you. Love above all means remains to be a special  gift we all never get tired of unraveling. Lameck is  still a free-spirited enthusiast who believes the flowers of love would smell better close to him someday but his story he must tell. He strongly hopes through his experiences the world and people out there would want to share theirs too.

Love is a beautiful laughter, we simply loose ourselves to it when it tickles.

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