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Her smile was enough  to calm hot tempers or rather simply turn lava to ice. Her voice, a soft breeze on its own. My first love was literally an apple I could not bite. We were fresh blood. I was fitting in with the weirdness teen hood carries along with it and believe me I had a lot of battles on my sleeves,talk of pimples oh the list is endless. I remember that teen awareness to the opposite sex so pure and virgin. Celina had magic when she came through.

We were both in the same class in the heart of Kampala town. Nature had it we were soon to join the junior secondary level. I thought to myself many daydream times. When would she see I could fly to the stars by the power of her look. Her scent even at that tender age must have been borrowed from the angels. I was silly in love with this African princess but all I was to her was no more than a classmate.

I did cherish my status in her life. I was like ice when she needed healing, a problem solver when time called for it. She never lacked a smile when she confided in me  and maybe my comic character  was water to her isolated heart. It was either the music in our chemistry or  my excitement that kept our music unique, I really had to find out.

She came to me after class on a cloudy Friday and asked if we could spend time together  like friends do. Finally I could paint my dreams to reality. The same innocence on her face drew me to a new possibility,”what if I tell her.” I blurted out loud  and she knew I had a secret so I confessed my sins and waited for my prosecution.

“Kwagala nyo we mnange  ki k ya mde nga sebo.” In simple luganda she made it clear I  was aiming so far beyond my reach. I was a friend and thats all I was ever to be. We had ice cream by the park side like I use to see couples do and laughed at literally everything. She made jokes on how I approached her and the fact I was being for real. She climaxed on her humor when she mentioned sarcastically on how a person like her would actually date a person like me. On this I laughed the loudest,”that’s insane.’ I added amidst feigned chuckles of laughter.

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